March to Fitness Day 12: Fresh

Organic Pineapple. Golden deliciousness!


March to Fitness Day 11: Beast

My container cupboard is a real monster. It's a constant battle trying to keep it tidy.  I have a big mix of Tupperware, Gladware, and Dollar Tree containers and I really do use everything since I prep my meals each Sunday night. Eventually I'd like to eliminate plastic, but that probably won't happen anytime soon.

I tackled a good chunk of my to-do list this weekend. I have to keep fighting the urge to do some deep spring cleaning, I just don't have the time. Next week is my Spring Break for school though, so I'll have a week that I can commit to larger projects around the house....like hanging family pictures that have been printed and framed for two years.

I'm an extremely skilled procrastinator.

In other news, I'm loving this extra daylight and warmer temperatures because it gets me itching to do some dumpster diving soon. DST = Dumpster Scavenging Time!


March to Fitness Days 7,8,9,10

I seriously don't know what I would do without the weekends. They are completely necessary so I can catch up with my whirlwind life. I always have a huge list of things I want to accomplish on weekends, and with some luck I'll tackle half my list.

Day 7: Green

This was taken before ballet class on Wednesday, which was an active recovery day for me. Rockin the legwarmers and cutoff sweatshirt. I love when I have class on recovery days, it's so great for keeping my body loose. 

Day 8: Music

HTC Incredible 2, Yurbuds armband, Skullcandy earbuds. I almost always listen to Slacker radio, either the    Trance/Progressive station for cardio or the Dubstep/Breaks/DnB station when I'm lifting. I like Slacker much better than Pandora, I'll get only one commercial an hour.

Day 9: Sweats

Relaxing on Friday night with my Sweetpea. Snacking on Honey Butter Popcorn, which is a healthier alternative to caramel corn. 

Day 10: Post Workout Meal

This is what I pack on days that I have class. My protein is usually hard boiled eggs (had issues peeling that morning) or some rotisserie chicken. I'll pack a veggie like carrots or broccoli for slow carbs and Medjool dates for fast-ish carbs if I'm lifting that day. If you've never had a Medjool date you are totally missing out.

Now off to tackle some more of my list. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!



March to Fitness Day 6: 7PM

Studying and having a snack.

Got a great workout in today, killed my arms and got a good swim in. While I was weight lifting a couple came into the free weights area. The man was obviously trying to introduce his wife/girlfriend to the joys of lifting, but she wasn't a willing participant. He was going through basic moves with her, but she kept giving up after a few reps. She was giving off a strong "I don't see the point of all this" and/or "I am better than this" vibe, but I easily saw through the facade. I knew she was feeling extremely intimidated by the iron garden

You don't see many women hanging around the free weights section of the gym. Most ladies stick to the cardio machines. It can be really scary and even slightly embarrassing to workout alongside guys who are bench pressing more than you weigh. I say use that energy, whether it be intimidation, fear, embarrassment, or (most likely) all of the above. Take it and use it to fuel yourself to break your own barriers. Show all those tough guys that hey, you can lift heavy things too! Heavy, of course, is a relative term ;)

Sure, the guy next to me may be curling 50s, but I'll step right up with my 15s and show him, and most importantly myself, what I'm made of.

Going back to the couple, there was more than one occasion when I wanted to say something to the woman. Just a "Hey don't sweat it, you'll get the hang of it!", or a more honest "Don't let all these big guys intimidate you". I never did, I didn't want to embarrass her more than she already was, and it was really none of my business (although she was pretty loud and animated with her protests, so I'm sure I wasn't the only spectator). I just kept to my reps, and tried to radiate as much strength and confidence as possible, hoping that some might rub off on her. Do you think I should have given a pep talk? Perhaps if I see her again...


March to Fitness Day 5: Protein

I love my Anthro bowls, they make all food prettier haha

I am trying my best to eat a really clean, whole foods diet. The closer to nature your food is the less chance it has of getting processed by man. Because of this, I don't use protein shakes. They are all fine and well, and I've used them in the past, I just choose not to at this time. I still need protein for recovery though, so I often pack a couple hard boiled eggs with me to eat after workouts at school since I have a little commute home. I'll also pack chicken sometimes, but eggs are just a wonderful little package. I hard boil a bunch on Sunday, so I can just grab and go during the week. 

The best way to hard boil an egg:
 Put your eggs in a pot and cover with cold water.
Heat on high until water comes to a rolling boil.
Immediately remove from heat and cover the pot with a tight fitting lid.
Let sit for 15 minutes (give or take a couple minutes depending on size of eggs)
After time is up immediately pour out hot water and refill with ice water to cool.

The timing is important to avoid that green ring around the yolk. 

The best way to peel is to start at the large end. 
I saw this video the other week, but haven't been able to pull it off once! I'm gonna keep trying though because it's a pretty neat trick...


March to Fitness Day 4: Biceps & Banana Ice Cream

I'm kneeling down for Sweetpea to take the pic, in you were questioning my height. Not sure why I looked pissed.
Like most people, I have some muscular imbalances; my right is much stronger than my left. I do mostly dumb bell curls to try and get things evened out, and once my left is up to par with the right I'll start doing more barbell and cable curls. No tickets to the gun show....yet.

One ingredient: Frozen bananas.

Seriously! You just slice up the ripe banana(s), pop them in the freezer, and then put the frozen slices in the food processor. It takes some patience and a lot of scraping down the sides, but eventually it turns into creamy soft serve!

Sweetpea wanted things a little sweeter (imagine that) so I added a touch of vanilla and honey to hers. Topped it all off with some chocolate chips, and she was a happy girl. It was delicious either way, and much healthier than regular ice cream. New fave in our house!

Let me know if you give it a try, I think you will be pleasantly surprised.



March to Fitness Day 3: Breakfast

Water, Mini Quiches, Toasted Paleo Bread with butter, and oranges slices
My breakfasts always include eggs. I never used to regularly eat them, but I've become a huge fan. I will hard boil a bunch on Sundays for a quick breakfast during the week or packed as my recovery protein after lifting. I also like them scrambled with some spinach, or as these Mini Quiches. I made a batch last Sunday and have been eating them all week, delish! I also always eat a citrus fruit at breakfast, the vitamin C aids with iron absorption. I love grapefruit, but a friend recently visited family in Florida and brought back oranges to share from her backyard. They are so sweet and juicy, makes me jealous of Floridians, and not just for the great weather. Bummed that I only have one left :(

Mini Quiches
Recipe by Angela from The Gym Cellar

8 oz cream cheese (I used neufchatel)
8 eggs
Chopped meat if you desire (I used organic sausage, pre-cooked)
Veggies of your choice (I used red pepper, onion)
Garlic, pepper, salt

Whip. Pour into greased pie pan or divide in cupcake pan. Bake at 325 degrees
until center is slightly wiggly. Pull out of oven and let sit. The eggs will continue
to cook once out of the oven. If you cook until it is solid it will be dry and rubbery.


March to Fitness Challenge

As always, I'm super busy. I need something to blog about that ties in with what's going on with my life since I just don't have the time or energy to be creative. I haven't even been thrifting in a while! Tisk Tisk. 
I've been working out a ton though, and completely loving it. Finishing up week 6 of my Paleo Challenge. Living a healthy lifestyle really makes me happy, when I'm taking care of myself other things in life tend to just fall into place easier. Of course, I don't constantly have motivation, so I'm frequently looking for and pinning visual inspiration to my Fitspiration Board. I've been getting new followers daily with that board, which is really exciting! I always hope to inspire others to live happy, healthy lives.

I found this fun photo challenge yesterday and thought "Hey, that is perfect!" 

Of course, I'm a day behind, so today is gonna be two shots. Most will probably be low-res phone pics, not about to look like a creeper with my Canon at the gym ;)

1. Progress Shot
Got a decent pump going hehe

To be honest, if I had to live my entire life looking like this I wouldn't be mad about it. However, I know that with hard work and dedication I can make myself even better. Hopefully by the end of the month I will be leaner with more definition. I really want to push my body to places it's never been before, which is really exciting and frightening at the same time.

2. Gym

In between sets, trying to be incognito with my peecture takin'

I work out a few different places. This is at one of the gyms on post, but I also workout on campus and at the small community gym across the street from my house. Where I go just depends on the day and my schedule. I prefer the big post gym because there are more machine and free weight options (plus a pool, a new cardio for me), but I can only get there during the small window of time when I'm not at school and Sweetpea is.

This should be fun, and will hopefully keep me in the blogosphere more. See you around!



Time is precious.

My days are very full lately. School for me and Sweetpea, working and activities in the evenings, and fitting in cleaning, cooking, and errands during "down time". I thrive when I am busy, I feel like I have purpose. My only regret is that I tend to drop the more creative aspects from my life, things like crafting, blogging, and taking pictures. 

I was talking to my husband on the phone the other night (brief but sweet conversations now a days) and he noted that I haven't been uploading photos to Facebook. Facebook is a very important tool to me because I have family and friends literally around the world. It is truly a blessing to be able to upload a photo from one of my daughter's numerous events and have it instantly available to my parents in Nebraska and my in laws in Japan. I argued that I've been uploading random phone pics, but don't have the desire to use my "nice" camera to make record of mundane, everyday activities. Until tonight.

As soon as my daughter stepped off the bus yesterday I knew something was wrong. She complained that her stomach hurt, and sure enough, she was vomiting about an hour later. She caught a nasty stomach bug that has been going around and I had to cancel my classes that I teach, skip my college classes today, and cancel several plans with friends over the weekend. Honestly, it was a blessing in disguise.

I've been going a mile a minute and I haven't taken the time recently to sit with my girl, hold her and cherish her. She still loves to snuggle and I spent as much time as I could today to do nothing. Watched a lot of Spongebob. Did some tidying up while she napped. Then I took the opportunity to give her a bath, scrubbing her not-so-little-anymore toes (that I painted a sparkly purple afterwards).  I know she is growing up so quickly now so I grabbed my camera and snapped a few shots.

 It was unprovoked and absolutely necessary. 

I still need loads of practice with both using my camera and editing, but played a little tonight once she was in bed. Trying to get her eyes to pop more....

As you can see, she is feeling much better after her bath!



Day 5 of 56

It's Friday, and I feel great! 

This cutting out carbs and sugar thing really had me worried. I thought I would have massive cravings but honestly it's been smooth sailing. I have to give credit to the smarties who create delicious meals with unconventional ingredients and so graciously share them on the internet. Here is a sampling of some of my food from the week (in low-res phone pics, of course):


1. Spinach Smoothie
2. Grain-Free Apple Crisp
3. Grain-Free Fried Chicken with some salsa, avocado, and cauliflower "rice"
4. Salmon, green beans, butternut squash with toasted pecans 
5. Grain-Free "Pancakes" with berries
6. Baked Kale

Surprisingly, I've been able to get most of the unconventional ingredients that I've needed at the Commissary, where I normally do my grocery shopping. There were a couple items that I could only find at a local natural market. I've tried a lot of new foods and LOVED them. Cashew butter is amazing, and so is Sunbutter, although that has some sugar in it so that is just for Sweetpea at the moment. She is also trying everything with me, which I'm so proud of. I really hope to raise her as a curious eater.

Today was the first day I've ever made butternut squash, and man have I been missing out. It's like if a pumpkin and a sweet potato had a baby.

 A delicious, delicious baby. 

I've also been doing all the required workouts for the challenge. That, on top of ballet class and other random workouts that I throw in each day. I feel really good and I'm so excited about the next 51 days! I can't wait to see how I look and feel at the end.

Tomorrow I plan on making these for girl's night:


Guac Poppers 

...and possibly these:

Cauliflower Tots
I'm not usually the biggest fan of cooking, but all of these things are easy and quick to make. And since I'm eating well and in a solid workout routine I have a lot more energy to commit to things like cooking and cleaning.

Who am I?!

My goal in sharing all of this is to hopefully inspire someone to start making healthy choices. In no way do you have to make big changes like I am right now (I'm kind of a health nut so this crap gets me giddy), but little things everyday will add up over the weeks, months, and years.
 Love your body and it will love you back!



Day 1 of 56

Pinned Image

I've started a fitness challenge. It is 8 weeks long (56 days) and by the end I hope to be stronger, leaner, and most importantly, healthier.

I'm no rookie to working out. I really like getting my sweat on, but tend to do the same cardio and light lifting exercises, which give me the same results. I wanted to change things up a bit and see where it will get me. Working with the trainer over the holidays clued me into how awesome it is to feel strong!

So for 56 days I will be eating more lean protein and no refined carbohydrates. A paleo diet. I do love my carbs, so it will be a challenge. I normally am not an advocate of carb free diets, I just don't think it's healthy to eat a lot of meat because of the saturated fat, but I figured I'd give it a shot. Why not? It definitely won't be forever.

And of course I'll also be doing a different workout everyday. I get the workout sent to my email the night before so I have all of the following day to fit it into my schedule. 

Today was good, I'm optimistic. Hopefully by the end I have enough upper body strength to do at few pull ups. Can't even just do one, so part of my work out today was to just hang for one minute, which is actually much harder than you think it would be!

I've been pinning a bunch of "fitspiration" to get me motivated. Feel free to follow me on Pinterest!

Pinned Image

And just to set the mood a little more...

Stay strong!


I was hibernating.

Random phone pic snapped during a layover today.
I like it.

Actually, I was in Omaha, Nebraska visiting family for the past month.

Got to visit with my friend Kim from The Wicopy for a day. I kick myself for not spending more time with friends while I was in the area, but honestly I didn't do much. Was a good vacation, minus Daniel being gone.

           Slept a lot. It was awesome.

Worked out a lot, too. Actually lost a teensy bit of weight over the holidays, and GAINED a good bit of muscle (my upper body is weak!) woot! If you are in Omaha and want a kick ass trainer hit up Aundrea.

And read the Hunger Games series. Pretty good, quick reads, and yeah I'll probably see the movie.

Don't have any big plans for the new year, just class and work like usual. No excited blog plans either. Maybe some fitness stuff? We'll see.

          Missing Daniel. Just waiting.

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