I was hibernating.

Random phone pic snapped during a layover today.
I like it.

Actually, I was in Omaha, Nebraska visiting family for the past month.

Got to visit with my friend Kim from The Wicopy for a day. I kick myself for not spending more time with friends while I was in the area, but honestly I didn't do much. Was a good vacation, minus Daniel being gone.

           Slept a lot. It was awesome.

Worked out a lot, too. Actually lost a teensy bit of weight over the holidays, and GAINED a good bit of muscle (my upper body is weak!) woot! If you are in Omaha and want a kick ass trainer hit up Aundrea.

And read the Hunger Games series. Pretty good, quick reads, and yeah I'll probably see the movie.

Don't have any big plans for the new year, just class and work like usual. No excited blog plans either. Maybe some fitness stuff? We'll see.

          Missing Daniel. Just waiting.

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