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Hey all, just wanted to let you know that I'm guest posting at The Wandering Wicopy today!

Wandering Wicopy


Tuesday Ten {Printables}

I heart Pinterest. It is a great way for me to organize and bookmark all the fantastic things I come across. Right now I'm all about printables, I just think they are really fun. I have a scheme for using a bunch of printables in one place, but more on that later. Right now here are ten of my favorite printables at the moment (there are a lot of back to school ideas):

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Steppin' Out Monday

Saturday we were housebound thanks to Hurricane Irene (please pray for those who are dealing with the aftermath) so we stepped out to the park today. Sweetpea and I went to Meadowbrook Playground, which is a short drive away, but so worth the trip!  It is HUGE, and has a beautiful walking area around it. 

Top - Hand me down
Pants - Bubblegum (AAFES brand)
Shoes - Children's Place

Sunglasses - Free last time I bought contacts lol
Necklace - F21
Shirt - Target
Shorts - Wet Seal
Flippy Floppies - Target

She mastered jumping on these do-dads and was super proud.

She had a blast, we were there for almost two hours.

She picked a flower and several wedgies.
I was that crazy mom chasing her kid with a camera.

Happy Monday!


Favorite Photo from August

I love watching her little hands work! This was from our day trip to Ocean City while my sister visited. And yes, that is a temporary tattoo of Patrick on her hand :P

The Paper Mama

Really, Irene?

So, if you haven't heard, Hurricane Irene is visiting the east coast today. Here is how I've prepared:

1. Make brownies. Slightly overbake, oops.
2. Help Aliyah make bracelet.
3. Netflix all day. Tom & Jerry and The Pink Panther for her (the kid loves slapstick animation. Who doesn't?). The Tudors later for me.

 After Tuesday's earthquake excitement people are really freaking out, but I'm not too worried. Pretty boring actually. We live west of the Chesapeake, so we'll just get rain and wind, the worst of which is coming tonight. The military housing we live in is only a couple years old, so there aren't any large trees around that could do damage. Hubby is out of town for the week (he'll be leaving for a "long trip" in the near future) so it does kind of stink to be on my own. However, if we do lose power I only have to worry about feeding myself and Sweetpea, and we can eat our own weight in peanut butter sandwiches. Or brownies.

In all seriousness though, I do pray for those who have and will be affected by the storm. Keep those who have been hit hard already in your thoughts.



Fancy Favicon!

Treasure & Tranquility now has a favicon!

What is a favicon? It's that little picture that comes up next to the title of a webpage while browsing....

I assume that most moms frequent the same sites? haha

...or in the Blogger dashboard.

I think they look pretty cool! And it's soo easy to create one, I followed the tutorial over at C.R.A.F.T. I just used the same image as my button (created by Kim at Wandering Wicopy)

Classes have started for me, and Sweetpea will be starting preschool next week. I'm hoping that I will get into a routine soon that will include blogging more. But who am I kidding? I'm just not a routine person. Meh.

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