Steppin' Out Monday

Saturday we were housebound thanks to Hurricane Irene (please pray for those who are dealing with the aftermath) so we stepped out to the park today. Sweetpea and I went to Meadowbrook Playground, which is a short drive away, but so worth the trip!  It is HUGE, and has a beautiful walking area around it. 

Top - Hand me down
Pants - Bubblegum (AAFES brand)
Shoes - Children's Place

Sunglasses - Free last time I bought contacts lol
Necklace - F21
Shirt - Target
Shorts - Wet Seal
Flippy Floppies - Target

She mastered jumping on these do-dads and was super proud.

She had a blast, we were there for almost two hours.

She picked a flower and several wedgies.
I was that crazy mom chasing her kid with a camera.

Happy Monday!


  1. Looking cute!!! love the pix of A playing!

  2. Wasn't the day after the hurricane so beautiful?

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