Really, Irene?

So, if you haven't heard, Hurricane Irene is visiting the east coast today. Here is how I've prepared:

1. Make brownies. Slightly overbake, oops.
2. Help Aliyah make bracelet.
3. Netflix all day. Tom & Jerry and The Pink Panther for her (the kid loves slapstick animation. Who doesn't?). The Tudors later for me.

 After Tuesday's earthquake excitement people are really freaking out, but I'm not too worried. Pretty boring actually. We live west of the Chesapeake, so we'll just get rain and wind, the worst of which is coming tonight. The military housing we live in is only a couple years old, so there aren't any large trees around that could do damage. Hubby is out of town for the week (he'll be leaving for a "long trip" in the near future) so it does kind of stink to be on my own. However, if we do lose power I only have to worry about feeding myself and Sweetpea, and we can eat our own weight in peanut butter sandwiches. Or brownies.

In all seriousness though, I do pray for those who have and will be affected by the storm. Keep those who have been hit hard already in your thoughts.


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