Day 5 of 56

It's Friday, and I feel great! 

This cutting out carbs and sugar thing really had me worried. I thought I would have massive cravings but honestly it's been smooth sailing. I have to give credit to the smarties who create delicious meals with unconventional ingredients and so graciously share them on the internet. Here is a sampling of some of my food from the week (in low-res phone pics, of course):


1. Spinach Smoothie
2. Grain-Free Apple Crisp
3. Grain-Free Fried Chicken with some salsa, avocado, and cauliflower "rice"
4. Salmon, green beans, butternut squash with toasted pecans 
5. Grain-Free "Pancakes" with berries
6. Baked Kale

Surprisingly, I've been able to get most of the unconventional ingredients that I've needed at the Commissary, where I normally do my grocery shopping. There were a couple items that I could only find at a local natural market. I've tried a lot of new foods and LOVED them. Cashew butter is amazing, and so is Sunbutter, although that has some sugar in it so that is just for Sweetpea at the moment. She is also trying everything with me, which I'm so proud of. I really hope to raise her as a curious eater.

Today was the first day I've ever made butternut squash, and man have I been missing out. It's like if a pumpkin and a sweet potato had a baby.

 A delicious, delicious baby. 

I've also been doing all the required workouts for the challenge. That, on top of ballet class and other random workouts that I throw in each day. I feel really good and I'm so excited about the next 51 days! I can't wait to see how I look and feel at the end.

Tomorrow I plan on making these for girl's night:


Guac Poppers 

...and possibly these:

Cauliflower Tots
I'm not usually the biggest fan of cooking, but all of these things are easy and quick to make. And since I'm eating well and in a solid workout routine I have a lot more energy to commit to things like cooking and cleaning.

Who am I?!

My goal in sharing all of this is to hopefully inspire someone to start making healthy choices. In no way do you have to make big changes like I am right now (I'm kind of a health nut so this crap gets me giddy), but little things everyday will add up over the weeks, months, and years.
 Love your body and it will love you back!


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