Day 1 of 56

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I've started a fitness challenge. It is 8 weeks long (56 days) and by the end I hope to be stronger, leaner, and most importantly, healthier.

I'm no rookie to working out. I really like getting my sweat on, but tend to do the same cardio and light lifting exercises, which give me the same results. I wanted to change things up a bit and see where it will get me. Working with the trainer over the holidays clued me into how awesome it is to feel strong!

So for 56 days I will be eating more lean protein and no refined carbohydrates. A paleo diet. I do love my carbs, so it will be a challenge. I normally am not an advocate of carb free diets, I just don't think it's healthy to eat a lot of meat because of the saturated fat, but I figured I'd give it a shot. Why not? It definitely won't be forever.

And of course I'll also be doing a different workout everyday. I get the workout sent to my email the night before so I have all of the following day to fit it into my schedule. 

Today was good, I'm optimistic. Hopefully by the end I have enough upper body strength to do at few pull ups. Can't even just do one, so part of my work out today was to just hang for one minute, which is actually much harder than you think it would be!

I've been pinning a bunch of "fitspiration" to get me motivated. Feel free to follow me on Pinterest!

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And just to set the mood a little more...

Stay strong!

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