March to Fitness Challenge

As always, I'm super busy. I need something to blog about that ties in with what's going on with my life since I just don't have the time or energy to be creative. I haven't even been thrifting in a while! Tisk Tisk. 
I've been working out a ton though, and completely loving it. Finishing up week 6 of my Paleo Challenge. Living a healthy lifestyle really makes me happy, when I'm taking care of myself other things in life tend to just fall into place easier. Of course, I don't constantly have motivation, so I'm frequently looking for and pinning visual inspiration to my Fitspiration Board. I've been getting new followers daily with that board, which is really exciting! I always hope to inspire others to live happy, healthy lives.

I found this fun photo challenge yesterday and thought "Hey, that is perfect!" 

Of course, I'm a day behind, so today is gonna be two shots. Most will probably be low-res phone pics, not about to look like a creeper with my Canon at the gym ;)

1. Progress Shot
Got a decent pump going hehe

To be honest, if I had to live my entire life looking like this I wouldn't be mad about it. However, I know that with hard work and dedication I can make myself even better. Hopefully by the end of the month I will be leaner with more definition. I really want to push my body to places it's never been before, which is really exciting and frightening at the same time.

2. Gym

In between sets, trying to be incognito with my peecture takin'

I work out a few different places. This is at one of the gyms on post, but I also workout on campus and at the small community gym across the street from my house. Where I go just depends on the day and my schedule. I prefer the big post gym because there are more machine and free weight options (plus a pool, a new cardio for me), but I can only get there during the small window of time when I'm not at school and Sweetpea is.

This should be fun, and will hopefully keep me in the blogosphere more. See you around!


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