March to Fitness Day 11: Beast

My container cupboard is a real monster. It's a constant battle trying to keep it tidy.  I have a big mix of Tupperware, Gladware, and Dollar Tree containers and I really do use everything since I prep my meals each Sunday night. Eventually I'd like to eliminate plastic, but that probably won't happen anytime soon.

I tackled a good chunk of my to-do list this weekend. I have to keep fighting the urge to do some deep spring cleaning, I just don't have the time. Next week is my Spring Break for school though, so I'll have a week that I can commit to larger projects around the house....like hanging family pictures that have been printed and framed for two years.

I'm an extremely skilled procrastinator.

In other news, I'm loving this extra daylight and warmer temperatures because it gets me itching to do some dumpster diving soon. DST = Dumpster Scavenging Time!


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