March to Fitness Day 4: Biceps & Banana Ice Cream

I'm kneeling down for Sweetpea to take the pic, in you were questioning my height. Not sure why I looked pissed.
Like most people, I have some muscular imbalances; my right is much stronger than my left. I do mostly dumb bell curls to try and get things evened out, and once my left is up to par with the right I'll start doing more barbell and cable curls. No tickets to the gun show....yet.

One ingredient: Frozen bananas.

Seriously! You just slice up the ripe banana(s), pop them in the freezer, and then put the frozen slices in the food processor. It takes some patience and a lot of scraping down the sides, but eventually it turns into creamy soft serve!

Sweetpea wanted things a little sweeter (imagine that) so I added a touch of vanilla and honey to hers. Topped it all off with some chocolate chips, and she was a happy girl. It was delicious either way, and much healthier than regular ice cream. New fave in our house!

Let me know if you give it a try, I think you will be pleasantly surprised.


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