March to Fitness Day 5: Protein

I love my Anthro bowls, they make all food prettier haha

I am trying my best to eat a really clean, whole foods diet. The closer to nature your food is the less chance it has of getting processed by man. Because of this, I don't use protein shakes. They are all fine and well, and I've used them in the past, I just choose not to at this time. I still need protein for recovery though, so I often pack a couple hard boiled eggs with me to eat after workouts at school since I have a little commute home. I'll also pack chicken sometimes, but eggs are just a wonderful little package. I hard boil a bunch on Sunday, so I can just grab and go during the week. 

The best way to hard boil an egg:
 Put your eggs in a pot and cover with cold water.
Heat on high until water comes to a rolling boil.
Immediately remove from heat and cover the pot with a tight fitting lid.
Let sit for 15 minutes (give or take a couple minutes depending on size of eggs)
After time is up immediately pour out hot water and refill with ice water to cool.

The timing is important to avoid that green ring around the yolk. 

The best way to peel is to start at the large end. 
I saw this video the other week, but haven't been able to pull it off once! I'm gonna keep trying though because it's a pretty neat trick...

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