Ridin' the Web. {Websurfing Wednesdays}

Do you ever websurf? I don't do it too often, but when I do I always seem to discover some really awesome stuff. The internet will never bore me.

It all started at my MSN homepage...
(click on images for links)

MSN Logo

Where there was a slideshow of the "World's Wildest Houses"...

Wildest houses (© houseofkittyblog; INS News Agency)

Where I found a link to this cool tree hotel in Sweden...

The Treehotel (© treehotel.se)
There is an English option in the top right corner, click the Union Jack!

Where they talked a bit about Sami culture, of which I knew nothing about and since I'm a huge nerd you know I had to learn. Wiki did the trick...

While browsing the article I found a link to a Sami musician name Sofia Jannok...

Check out her music!

And I am in love with her! I haven't the darndest what she is saying, but I love the way her voice bounces around, it just sounds happy. And check out how cute she is in this video:

Warning: Arm yourself with a blanket, watching this may make you chilly as it is shot near the Artic Circle.

I wanna start a theme of Websurfing Wednesdays. You know, one of those trendy blogger things.

We'll see if it catches on, I admit it was really fun to do this. I'd love to see where your surfing sends you. Heck, I'd never guess I'd be a fan of music from northern Sweden! Those guys create some good stuff: massages, meatballs, IKEA, etc.

You like?

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