Fifty is nifty!

This is my 50th post on Treasure & Tranquility.
Seems fitting that I mark this occasion with a little make over! How do you like the new look?

My friend Kim over at Wandering Wicopy is pretty talented with it comes to the whole HTML thing. She quickly offered to come to my assistance after seeing my cry for help earlier today. Don't you love my new header and button? {snag it if you like!} I love how she brought some personality to it with a picture of my sweetpea. The photo she worked with is a picture I took on my cell phone... yeah, she's that good.

If you in need a fresh look for your blog, or just want to connect with a really funny and clever gal, head over to Wandery Wicopy and say hi!

Wandering Wicopy

Tell Kim you're from Treasure & Tranquility so she knows you are extra cool.

I have lots of ideas for the next 50 posts, and I hope to hit 100 posts by my blog's birthday. Well, that's my goal. Fifty posts in eight weeks is pretty hefty, I'll be extremely impressed with myself if I can do it. We shall see!

Until next time,


  1. I only accept payments of livestock and first borns by the way.

    Thanks for this post Barbie!
    Happy 50th post!


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