Reduce: BYOB + Giveaway! {Earth Week}

Paper or plastic?

The correct answer is neither!
(Bring Your Own Bag)

Reusable bags are everywhere these days, and if you aren't using them you are truly missing out. Not only are you supporting the use of oil and trees to create the junk they use at the store but you are doing yourself a huge disservice.
Simply put, reusable bags rock.
They hold more groceries than a plastic bag (less trips to get groceries in the house) and are much easier to carry (no more painful palms). And who really likes carrying paper bags? Handles are necessary.

And where can you find plastic bags that are this stylish?
Envirosax Travel Reusable Bags

Bloom Bag 4
Loving this one!
Botanica Bag 5
This guy is in my purse right now!

While I do have some stylish ones, the majority of the ones I use are plain janes for grocery shopping. I've gotten a few from different places, but so far these are my favorite, and the cheapest. They hold up really well (I've had them for 3+ years and have yet to replace any).

This week you have the opportunity to win some of your own!

Three boxes of cereal, a box of Capri Suns, a four-pack of mac'n'cheese, a box of toaster pastries...and still plenty of room to spare. Try THAT with a plastic bag!
Five reusable grocery bags can be yours!

 All you have to do is be a follower of Treasure & Tranquility, then leave a comment.
You can say anything you'd like, one comment per person.

Giveaway will close at 12 noon, Eastern time, on April 22nd.

Be on the lookout for more earth friendly giveaways this week!


  1. Man I suck at reusing bags and what not. Did you know Target is giving away free reusable bags this week? I got one. They're pretty big!

  2. @ Kim, keep them in your car so you are never without them. As soon as I'm done putting groceries away I put them back in. Most of the more expensive, stylish ones fold up pretty small so they can be kept in your purse, so I usually have at least one in there too.

  3. I love the one you gave me for my purse...its been so useful especially since we keep all our reusable bags in Ken's car. Also, I'll be adding a trip to Target to get a free bag...for my car of course :)

  4. I am really bad at this...I def. need to get better at it! I always hate the "trash" paper and plastic bags generate!

  5. These are wonderful!!! I would love to win these to help cut back on plastic bags.

  6. These bags are soooo rooooomy! I have smaller bags in each of our cars and I have even gotten DH to remember to keep one in his truck. Thanks for such a great giveaway! I am glad I found you!

  7. I'm a follower on GFC. Love reusable bags, and I love that you got these from the Commissary ;)

  8. When I was in Adelaide South Australia, no shops had plastic bags - well you had to pay - so you were often left with nothing to carry your groceries in if you forgot! Now we are back in Sydney and trying to keep up the good work using green bags anyway! These are gorgeous and will make it so much easier!




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