Reduce: Work your bod. {Earth Week}

In celebration of Earth Day {Friday the 22nd} I will dedicate all of this week's posts to Earth friendly practices. I have alot of fun things to feature and will even have some giveaways! Yay!

We are all painfully aware of one thing in today's American society: We are addicted to oil. There is no political bias when I say that, it's just the honest truth. A big culprit of oil consumption (and of carbon emissions) are our cars. We Americans love our cars and I'm no exception. After being a one car family for a couple years I now relish the freedom being able to take off whenever the mood strikes.  However, I've learned that there are other modes of transportation that are just as effective (meaning, it gets me there and back haha).

Disclaimer: I have the luxury of living on a military base. I have the added luxury of living very near to my commissary and exchange. I say this is a luxury because I understand that a majority of people don't have shopping areas as near as I do. Because of this, I understand if your car is pretty much your only option when it comes to going places. However, I do encourage you to lessen your environmental impact by planning your trips and carpooling.

The first solution is easy: walk. The most ancient mode of transportation works just as well today. Sure, it takes a bit longer to reach your destination, but there are benefits that people tend to forget. You not only reduce your carbon footprint, but you get fresh air and exercise. Yes, that nasty "E" word that seems to allude every mom's schedule. You can burn about 100 calories for every mile that you walk; strap the kids into a stroller and burn even more.
If you do push a stroller be sure to keep your body upright and close to the handles while you walk.  Keep your chest up and roll your foot all the way from heel to toe, like a rocking chair, to engage your entire leg. Hunching over may seem to get you up a hill better, but it is actually just putting strain on your back. Maintain your posture and the hill is an automatic butt blaster!

 It is multitasking, plain a simple. You are getting to a destination, while burning calories, and giving your children more too see of the world than the inside of your minivan. Everything from bird nests to dandelions can be a learning experience for your little ones.

My favorite mode of transportation in the warmer months is my bike. I have a trailer for Sweetpea to ride in which was freecycled to me (so lucky!). I use it for running small shopping errands, trips to the park, and for hitting up the community library and Thrift Shop. My daughter is old enough to walk a short distance, but not without complaint after a while. She is too big to ride in a stroller, making the trailer a perfect solution. I can also go farther, faster. And again, you are getting a great workout; you burn an average of 200 calories for every 30 minutes of biking, and that's NOT including pulling your little ones in the trailer. My thighs definitely feel the burn after a short ride, and it feels great!

Ignore my messy garage.

While having a bike with a trailer is definitely an investment, it doesn't have to break the bank.  Bicycles can be pricey if you are an avid rider, however I got a cheap one from Target for about $100. Does the job just fine. Trailers can range from about $100 to $300 depending on how big you need. Mine is a smaller model, but still seats two children and has a weight limit of 100 pounds. Add in the cost of helmets (a must!) for everyone and other accessories like a pump and a lock and you can probably add another $100 dollars to the bill. But keep in mind that those are prices for all new gear. Chances are you can find a bike and/or trailer on Craigslist, at garage sales, etc. for much cheaper. Just keep your eyes out and be willing to do a little searching and you can be traveling in style for a great deal.

So why not do your body and our earth a favor? Skip pushing the gas pedal at least once this week and see how much better you feel. It's healthier all the way around.

Keep checking back for more Earth friendly posts today and all week!


  1. I just got a two seater bike trailer worth $300 at a children's resale for $75!! I was so excited!

  2. @ Jess, that is awesome! Don't you love that feeling you get when you get a great deal? lol


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