Reuse: Thrifted Frames + Some Blog Love {Earth Week}

Let's start with some love, shall we?

When I first started this blogging thing there were a couple of blogs that I got a crush on. You know what I'm talking about, those blogs where every post inspires you and you get giddy when something new comes up on your dashboard. Admit it, Treasure & Tranquility is one of those blogs......*insert extreme sarcasm!*

Well, I've had a huge blog crush on Amanda from A Lovely Place to Land forever now.

lovely place button

Amanda has a wonderful home full of DIY decor. She is a Thrift Shop lover who has done beautiful projects such as:

A charming personalized lamp.
She recently took a little break from blogging to welcome her first child into her family. And although I missed her posts, how can I blame her for wanting to spend time with this cutie!? But now she is back and I can crush some more. :)
Before taking her maternity leave Amanda posted this fabulous Family Gallery Wall.
I fell in love and knew that someday I would have to do the same... and here it is!

It's a small gallery right now, but I expect it to grow. I had bunches of Sweetpea's artwork in a box and I've been thinking of a way to showcase it. Problem solved. All the frames are thrifted and I just happen to have a can of spray paint meant for plastic already. Easy peasy!

She's super proud and was so excited to see it all up on the wall!

Best of all it really give our house that "home" feel, which I can honestly say I've never felt until now.
Love, love, love it! I can't wait to add more masterpieces.



  1. cute! I've been wanting to do this in the girls rooms but my problem is actually letting the girls go crazy with art supplies lol - it looks really good barbie :D

  2. I love the framed children's art---I taught art in public school for years. Art made by young people is simply the best. Your display is darling. I love it.

  3. Barbie, thank you so much for your kind words! They made my day and believe me, I REALLY needed for my day to be made. Your gallery wall looks incredible. I can't wait until my little bit provides me with some fantastic wall art :)

    Please come by May 6 for the first "Flaunt Your Feathers Friday!"

  4. What a great wall for your little one! Too Cute. I am your newest follower. You had me at Thrift store a few posts ago. lol


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