Happy {natural} Easter.

Did some natural egg dyes this year. I kind of felt like a mad scientist, which is always fun. It was definitely all experimentation. Some of the colors are lovely while others are bleh. Take the beet colored ones; they were supposed to be pink but turned out brown. I'm just glad Sweetpea didn't throw a fit because there were no pink...
(Please ignore my wreck of a house in the background!)

Some of the ingredients were a bust *coughbeetsandorangecough*

We bathed all but one of the eggs overnight to get deep color.

Funny how the Easter Bunny is crafty and loves Target clearance items....

The smears are from fingers smudging wet eggs. I love the grey, yellow, and blue!

Hope you had a wonderful holiday!



  1. I used to teach pre school and dye the eggs using fruits and veggies too! great idea and great pictures!

  2. I totally need to bookmark this for next year. My son would love to experiment with making his own colors. What a great idea!

    Thanks for the blog visit and comment. I know, I was super lucky to find what I wanted on craigslist. That doesn't always happen for me :)

  3. I love the eggs! I tried naturally dying eggs before but wasn't smart enough to think about leaving them soaking overnight...Your colors look good. I want to copy you next year.


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