Tuesday Ten {Thrifty Finds}

Tuesday is my laid back day. No class or work for me, all I have to do is chauffeur Sweet Pea to school and dance class. I guess showering and cleaning are part of the day too, but I can procrastinate on those things, right? ;)

If you know anything about me you know I LOVE to hit up thrift stores. You can get anything and everything at    a thrift shop, I just takes some patience and a keen eye for treasure. I've found some pretty sweet stuff, and most of it for a steal. My friends always ask how I find such good stuff, and my answer is always the same: I go thrifting as often as I can! The more often you go, the more stuff you can find! 

So here are my ten favorite thrift finds!

10. Cherry Blossom Print
I was thrilled when I saw this for $2 since it goes perfectly in my Japanese themed kitchen.

9. Hardback Books
Super cheap and easy decor items.

8. Cowboy Boots
I probably shouldn't be too quick to brag about these since they aren't real leather (I don't think), but they are still comfy and cute.

7. Vintage Beer Bottles
Gotta love green glass.

6. Bamboo Bicycle
I just think this thing is cute, I may spray paint it a bright color in the future.

5. Mystery Box
I nicknamed this the "mystery box" because I'm not sure of it's purpose. The middle doors slide open, but it's not big enough to be a jewelry box. I love the little drawers though. Right now they hold mailbox keys and Aliyah's rock collections ;)

4. Nine West Denim Vest
The main reason I love this is because I got it NWT for less than  $1! The original price:  $78. Booyah.

3. Charming Cloche
Another less than $1 snag. 

2. Sweet Pea's Shoes
They just scream happy! I found this last spring  and immediately knew she would wear them on her first day of school!

1. Coach Clutch
Green patent leather and the perfect size to hold my essentials. Priced right at  98 cents.  ♥

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  1. I must have that Coach clutch!!!.  I LOVE it....I love Coach period!
    Thanks for linking up!.  I love this post :)


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