Missing Hubby & Awkward and Awesome Thursday.

I've kept hubby's mess around this week. Should probably clean it before he comes home tomorrow :)

Doing my first A & A Thursday! If you don't read this blog, you should. 

- Using the phrase "I guess I attract balls" whilst trying to explain to my neighbor that my garage is full of random soccer and kick balls that don't belong to Aliyah. They end up stranded at my back door or appear randomly on the front porch, I guess kids forget about them and the wind blows them our way? The conversation stopped dead and I retreated inside.
- Opening the large library door into an old(er) lady when leaving Storytime. To be fair, she was standing there talking on her phone, and the door has no glass to see the other side.
- Unintentionally choosing a spot at the ballet barre next to some one with mad skillz. Come on old lady legs, kick higher!

- Receiving over $100 worth of rebates in the mail! Woo hoo for actually sending some in for once!
- Aliyah's "first day" of school yesterday. I don't really count it because it's a staggered entrance thing, so her real first day is Tuesday. Prepare for a photo dump!
- Getting a wedding invitation from an old friend whom I was just thinking about earlier that day. It's crazy how things like that work :)

Happy September!

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