The reason I've been MIA...

...is because I'm in Okinawa, Japan.

Having the time of my life.

And we've got 2 1/2 more weeks here!

Went snorkeling yesterday and saw some fish that I've only ever seen in aquariums. I took pictures with a disposable underwater camera, so as soon as I can get those on a disk I'll post them.

Funniest thing is when hubby and I saw a sea anenome with some variety of clown fish in it. Think Nemo, but not quite. Hubby was pointing it out to me when the fish swam out and bit him on the finger! Took a little chunk out and everything! I laughed as well as one can laugh with a snorkel.
There will be lots of pictures in the near future, and I will update as much as possible!

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