30 Day Photography Challenge {Day 1: Self-portrait}

My friend Kim at Wandering Wicopy is doing a photography challenge for the month of June and I thought I'd do it too for funsies.
Took a quick shot while sitting next to the Jeep.

Wanna tag along? You can check it out at White Peach Photography! Here's the run down:

I figure this will make me mess with my camera more and hopefully get better. I like taking pictures, but I have tons to learn.

Until Next Time,


  1. Woot woot! Glad ya doing it too!

  2. I am gonna try...I love my camera and any excuse to pick it up is a good thing. (btw I used my "green" bags yesterday for my first big trip to the commissary...LOVE THEM!!!! So much bigger and easier to carry!)

  3. you are just too cute :)


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