Hello June!

This summer is gonna be awesome!
In a couple weeks we are going on a pretty epic family vacation. I won't say where we are headed to just yet, but I will tell you that I need to practice my chopstick skills. {I have none}

There will also be ample time spent on the beach!

Because I'll be spending some time in a swimsuit I've been working out more, specifically targeting my bum. It is probably my biggest "problem area".

 I've become a big fan of Tracy Anderson. She is a former dancer so I like the way her workouts are set up. Here are a couple of my fave:

She also has a fun treadmill workout that is way better than running. I hate loathe running.

Hubby and I will also be celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary in July! No plans yet for that, but even if we just snuggle on the couch it will be great!

Us on Halloween last year. We make a cute couple, don't ya think? ;)

In between big plans we will be spending our days at the pool. I'll also be reading a lot; finished The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo yesterday so I'll be reading the rest of the Millenium Series.

Do you have fun summer plans?

Until Next Time,


  1. awesome. thanks for the exercise tips.

  2. wherever you're going, i'm jealous.

  3. I am trying to get through "Girl with the Dragon Tatoo"...it requires a lot of my brain to read it! :) I am having trouble keeping on the characters straight!


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