Late Luck.

I'm usually not a big holiday person, other than Christmas, but I had so much fun with St. Patrick's Day this year. I'm surprised I haven't gotten into the spirit sooner with all the awesome green you can have fun with. It just makes it more fun to share with a four year old I suppose, makes everything magical again :)

It took most of the day to get Sweetpea to say the "Saint" of St. Patrick's Day. For a while she was just saying "Patrick's Day".

This guy immediately pops into my head.

I tried to make the festivities last throughout the day, but not so much to overload her (or me).

Headband - Dollar section at Target
Shirt - Hand me down ♥
Freckles - brown eyeliner pencil
My lucky shoes came from my latest clothing swap!

My little leprechaun delivered some "gold" to a couple neighbors.

Then she enjoyed a leprechaun lunch. I was inspired by this.

After a delish dinner of corned beef and cabbage (I always forget to take pics of food, we are so eager to chow down!) we made a special dessert.

I know the clovers should have had four leaves, but the heart cookies were too fat.

I got the idea to use the Airhead Extremes candy from here (hers is much cuter!)

I prefer Rolos to chocolate coins any day!

Who knew St. Patty's Day could be so fun without a single beer involved?!

Until next time,


  1. So many cute ideas...I am going to have to file them away for next year!

  2. oh I'm not, believe me. I'm a horrible cook. The only thing I'm good at in the kitchen is making sweets, which is why my thighs are so thunderous right now lol

  3. LOL Patrick's Day...sadly that's who I thought of too.

  4. She is absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting.


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