Decorating Dilemma

So we are getting our new sofa today! I'm excited, but I am going to have to redecorate {oh darn!} the living room a bit to make it fit in. In the past I've just worked with earthtones (and didn't really do much decorating to speak of).

Ignore the bad lighting, pillows and pups on floor, and the huge blank wall.  So just look away entirely.

Well today this bad boy is moving in.

I've never done anything with red before, I've kind of been afraid. I'm thinking that I'll use alot of neutrals so the couch can be the focal point. I'm a big fan of gray right now, but I'm not sure if it would clash with the dark wood? Being renters we can't really paint (we could, but it'd be more of a hassle when we move, which happens often) and we have a huge open ceiling. That big blank wall is actually 14+ feet high.

Any thoughts? I know some of you are fabulous decorators, you even have credentials!

In other news, I am sick of this cold weather. We actually have sunflower sprouts already, but I'm afraid that if it doesn't warm up soon they will kick the bucket. I'm just ready to get my hands in the earth and create life!

So send me your ideas, links, thoughts, anything! I need some guidance!

Until next time,

PS - If you are anyone you know is looking for a sofa we have our old one for sale ;)


  1. That wall needs a mural. When you move out, it's 50 bucks per wall to have them paint. Or, you can prime it yourself. One coat of primer. You're an artist, Barbie. You could do it! Think TREE. Find or draw a picture you love, grid it out on the wall, and go to it.
    I pretty much hated doing mine, so I'm not gonna offer to help, LOL, but I'll come sit and watch you and keep you company if you decide to do something like that!
    Or... another option... there are some really awesome vinyl sticker trees. Look up vinyl wall stickers on Etsy. With your hippie, earthy self, I can see you loving a tree on the wall.

  2. I was thinking vinyl trees too!
    Also grey accents would work with red, like pillows and what not.

  3. I would paint the bare wall a latte color--just that wall so it would be easy to re-paint when you move; latte colored pillows/throws, some with stripes and/or patterns and then if you have room, a black chair would would be a perfect "pop" to the area also. Then you could pull the red and black colors into a picture or pictures for the wall and also mix it with the pillows for the couch.

  4. You are having the same problem that I am having with that same wall lol.


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