How to make a 25 cent pillow in less than 25 minutes.

You will need:

- A great friend who is willing to take you thrifting for your birthday.
- A thrift shop having a half price sale.
- An Iron
- A Seam ripper
- Some Stuffing
- A Long handled spoon
- Needle and thread

Step 1. Go to Thrift Shop! If you need someone to go with you can always ask me :)

Sundays are half-price days here :)

Step 2: Have fun looking for pretties. Then find a place mat that has a a front panel of fabric and a back panel of fabric.

                               I found two, and they were half price! (I'm a cheap date)

Step 3: Take home goodies and iron out any wrinkles.

I know, there is paint on my craft table.

Step 4: Use a seam ripper on the bottom corner to make a small hole.

Step 5: Start stuffing.

Note that you will want to have more stuffing than you think you need.

Work slowly with small clumps.

Step 6: Use spoon to maneuver stuffing inside. If you just try to shove it all in at once you will end up with an awkward, lumpy pillow. Start at the opposite corner from the hole and fill slowly, checking to smooth out any bumps or craters.

Coming to life!

Step 7: Once it is filled to your liking close the hole with a small whip stitch.

Step 8: Admire. OOOO! AHHH!

The original cost of the two place mats was a whopping $0.90. Half price = $0.45. All other supplies I had on hand.

This is a super easy project, even for those of you who "can't sew". No need for a machine, just a needle and thread. The stuffing part is the hardest, only because it's the most time consuming. You end up with a one of a kind pillow! You will see these pillows again in the near future.....

And the 30 day challenge: Today is suppose to be a baby picture. I asked my sister to take a picture of a picture for me since all those things from years past are at my parent's house in the Midwest. Well, I'm pretty sleepy, and my sis isn't home yet to send the pic, so you'll just get a double dose tomorrow.

I know, I know, I was going to work realllllly hard on being consistent with the challenge, however my main goal is to just blog more, and you got a pretty cool blog today :)

More pillow power tomorrow {and a very cool surprise!}

Until Tomorrow,

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  1. Barbie! I love those pillows! SO Anthro! What a smashing idea! Yes, I talk this way sometimes...I also drink tea from willow china and my pinkie slowly raises without me knowing;)

    Awesome post!


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