Happy Valentine's Day!

I have yet to get hubby's gift, but I know exactly what I'm getting and will head out in a bit to pick it up.

Surprised Sweetpea with a special breakfast this morning:

I have a lot of projects I'm working on today {#1 Procrastinator Award winner!} so I'll update throughout the day.


Aliyah got a package from Grandma today full of Valentine's goodies. She decided to model each one.

^^My favorite^^
  There were also some goodies for me for my birthday! Moneeeez, most of which has been spent at craft stores already, and this lovely book! For anyone who knows me it is the perfect book, I've actually been eyeing it for a while.
 Do It Gorgeously: How to Make Less Toxic, Less Expensive, and More Beautiful Products

Then, since Aliyah has been bugging me to do a craft with her we made her a Valentine's Day shirt {that can be worn year round}

The craftmanship is sub-par, but I was in a rush. Aliyah picked out all the fabric and thread though, and I think it turned out really cute. I'll have to get a better picture sometime.

Did you get any goodies today?


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