Distraction and Days 8 & 9.

So I've been distracted the last 24 hours with a new addition to our family.

Hi, I'm Parker!

A couple dogs in the neighborhood canoodled a while back so a neighbor had a litter of puppies she was giving away. I got the last one :) He is a Golden Retreiver/Chow Chow mix. Otherwise known as a Golden Chow. There isn't a ton of info online about the hybrid, so I'm not sure what he'll look like (other than a fuzzball) when he gets older.

 I did learn that there is a Chinese restaurant in St. Paul called Golden Chow Mein.

Jazmynn (our Black Lab mix) seems happy to have another canine around.

Now I have two pups to "help" me when I cook.

Now onto the challenge...

Day 8: A photo of something you enjoy doing.

This is a really old picture from a dance competition. Even though I haven't been on stage in forever, I still have to say that dancing is something I will always love doing.

 Day 9: A photo of yourself at least a year ago.

This is from November of 2009. I had just chopped my hair off. I loved it that short, but hubby wasn't a big fan. Fine with me, my goal now is to be long and natural :)
 Until next time,


  1. Your new addition is so cute! I grew up with a golden/collie mix...best dog ever!

  2. You have been doing so well with this challenge. This is the first time in like a week I have logged on.:(
    Love the puppy! We will have to come over and play with him.

    Impressive dancing pic!!!


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