Menchies Munchies.

I had an appointment in Annapolis this afternoon and Aliyah tagged along (when doesn't she?). While there we explored Annapolis Town Centre. I dropped off some of my old Brita pitcher filters at Whole Foods to be recycled, went to Target to pick up birthday gifts for some of Aliyah's friends, and discovered this wonderful frozen yogurt shop called Menchies! (ignore the low quality of my cell phone pictures)

This place was adorable. If you are lucky enough to have one near you I recommend trying it out. It is completely self serve. You choose the fro-yo flavor(s) you want, how much you want, and what kind/amount of toppings, which include local fresh fruit. Then you pay by weight. So essentially you could have a little dab of fro-yo and fill the rest of the dish with strawberries and hot fudge hehe! But there are so many options you could go crazy, so I just let Sweet Pea choose and I shared with her.

We enjoyed a dish of strawberry/peach swirl with gummy bears.

She also got a free sticker and tattoo! When we got home she asked me to put her tattoo on her foot so she can be like mama :)
As we were leaving I realized they even had a playroom for kids, how I missed it coming it I'm not sure, guess I was distracted by the deliciousness. Now I know where I'll be going every time I head to Annapolis!


  1. what a cool place. I wish I would have found this before we left, :)
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Awesome! I love that outdoor mall! I love the Target there and the whole foods! Oh and my fave shop of all time is there too...Anthropologie!

    Thanks for the tip on this cool place! We'll have to go together soon!


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