Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

No, no. I'm not alluding to the fact that I haven't blogged in forever and a day. However,  I'm sure my (maybe five?) dedicated readers have missed me a great deal. Hi, mom. 

My husband left for a "long trip" a few weeks ago. This has been in the works for a couple months prior to his leaving, so I've been prepping myself for quite awhile. He was all ready to go, then they cancelled everything. A few weeks later he got the green light again, and in less than a week it was cancelled again. Another week, and it was a for sure thing. After going through so many ups and downs it was almost a relief to know that we was, for sure, going to be gone for half a year. No, I am not happy about his leaving, but it's good have the plans laid out that I've been preparing for.

The first week was hard, just personally very difficult for several reasons that weren't necessarily caused by his absence, but definitely made worse because of it . Thankfully, I have a great support system of friends who encouraged me, several of whom have been through multiple separations like this. Not once did I hear "Suck it up, this is only your first time, and you only have one kid to deal with!" Encouragement and reassurance were gracefully bestowed upon me, and for those who gifted them I thank you wholeheartedly! I can't imagine what this is like for the third time around with several little ones to care for.

I can say that I'm slowly figuring out how to function on my own. Sweetpea and I are gradually getting into a routine, if you could call it that. They say to stay busy, it makes the time go by faster, and busy I am. School and work for me, plus shuttling little miss to school and activities leaves me just enough time to clean the house and microwave cook a meal. It isn't clockwork yet, but it should be fairly close (I hope) soon.

I intend to make crafting, work outs, and blogging part of my routine as well. I'm chock full of great intentions.

For now I am just appreciating the joys of fall, and missing my husband dearly.

Our Family
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