Wish{full} thinking.

I feel so spoiled lately! But hey, every girl needs to be spoiled now and then, right?!

For Christmas hubby got me a new camera. It's all big and fancy and I don't know what half the buttons do....but I love it. The only thing is that I need a case for it. Right now it bobbles around in my purse, which doesn't make me happy. But rather than get a blah, boring, black case I'm coveting one of these beautiful gals:


 There are other colors and styles, but this is just dreamy to me. Yellow {now shares the "favorite color" spot with green} - check. Rosette - check. Black and white houndstooth storage compartments inside - I just piddled my pants. Doesn't this just scream springtime and loveliness?! However the $89 price tag aint so purdy......

Then there is this little do-dad that is just fun:

MelVDesigns on Etsy
It's a cover for the camera strap.  Wouldn't you love to have that around your neck while behind a lens? It's like photog jewelry. But again the pricetag {$32} is too steep for me.

So, I'd like to make them! Well, attempt to make them. Just one more thing on my long list of craft to-dos, which I should really start working on.

The strap cover seems pretty straight forward. I've never attempted the ruffle thing, but I've seen a lot of tutorials and I think with a little practice I'll be good to go.

I plan on taking a different approach for the bag. I'm thinking a thrift shop find with a little embellishing and some homemade compartments will do the trick. Now just to scour thrift shops for something that inspires me......anyone want to come along?

I plan on blogging again soon about something else I'm very excited about {and actually have the financial means to indulge myself!}. For now here is some eye candy. I know at least one of you will know what I'm talking about ;)

Until Next Time,


  1. Wow, I love those ruffles! You can totally DIY that. Post pics of how everything turns out!

  2. oooh. I see the skirt!!! love it! Yellow has been on my favorite color lists for awhile. I think the color wheels in our heads are rotating at the same speed. We always like the same colors. Happy Birthday chica!


  3. I love the bag! I really like it in yellow and the teal one.


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