Big girls don't cry.

Well, we do sometimes, but we try to limit it. I've been thinking of my last post, where basically I was complaining about my house being messy. Big deal, tons of people have messy houses. Tons of people have more kids than I do and much more chaotic lives, who am I to pout? So I told myself that today I would put on my big girl pants, take a deep breath, and tackle my Craft Room.

A little back story: We've been blessed with a good sized house for our three-person family. We have two spare bedrooms, which is extremely rare for families in our situation. For a while we weren't sure what to do with them; we knew we would make one an office, but the other one has taken many roles in the two years we've been in this house. We would have liked to turned it into a guest room, but I know if we buy another bed chances are we won't have room for it in our next location. For a good chunk of time it was a playroom for Aliyah, but with all her toys in that room left nothing but her bed and a dresser in her bedroom. Then it sat basically empty for some time, used every once in a while for exercising. Eventually the "office" turned into my husband's "man room". He has a pretty sweet set up: big TV to watch the game on, futon to lounge on, his baby (his computer), and a mini fridge to store beer in (this year's Father's Day gift). Because I was tired of doing my crafting, sewing, painting, etc. at the dining room table I decided to take the leftover room into my own hands and turn it into my little sanctuary.

A fine idea, but one that has yet to really come to fruition.

Like I said before, the room has kind of turned into a dumping ground. Anything that doesn't have a place in the house ends up there, and usually it's tossed in the room with the door shut quickly. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

Today I finally decided to take a stand against the clutter. I organized, rearranged, and tossed what wasn't needed. I am proud to say it is much better, not where I want it to be, but closer. I plan on working on it a little bit everyday this week, even if I only commit ten minutes. That is ten minutes devoted to something for me.

As any other mom can agree, we often expend all our energies on others and forget to take care of ourselves. I am no different. In the past month my eating habits have gone from pretty good to down right horrific, and that's if I actually remember to eat. I'm too tired to wash my face before bed, meaning I really do look like Aliyah's older sister (more on that at another time) and I don't make time to do the things I enjoy doing. Well that stops now, every day I am going to do something just for me, even if it's just painting my toenails. A happier, more balanced mom makes a happier, more balanced household.

Here's a little sneak peek of My Room.

The beautiful artwork is by my very talented friend Elizabeth at The Lovely Crow.

I'll keep updating with pics as this project comes together. In the mean time, I will blog for ME!

Here's a clue to my next blog:

Guess what this is all about and you win 1000 friendship dollars (left over from the other guessing game since no one won LOL)

 Let me know what you have been doing just for you lately!

Until Next Time,


  1. Way to go on making a little sanctuary for you and setting time aside for you. Your right every mom needs that. Is that tea leaf reading?

  2. it is not tea leaf reading, but that is a really good guess, it really looks like it!

  3. Looks like cookies and cream? lol

  4. The room looks great!!
    ( and that picture looks like moldy yogurt. =X )

  5. Yay! :) I forgot you had those! And as for a guess... a bowl of white paint and pigment or dye? The thing next to the bowl.. scissors. So I guess you are getting ready to paint a mural in your new crafty room.

  6. It looks like a melted cup of cookies and cream ice cream.


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