Free art!

Hooray, I'm blogging! *virtual pat on back*

I'm always trying to think of ways to reuse "trash" and turn it into something beautiful. Well, do you remember the canvas I found while dumpster diving awhile ago? It was a print of a cafe scene, not horrid, but not my style. Well I tranformed it into artwork for our bedroom!

Materials used:
- Canvas, DD find (free)
- Mod Podge (on hand)
- Old packing paper (on hand)
- Several toilet paper tubes (on hand and free)
- Acryilic paint (on hand)

Total cost: FREE!

It was pretty simple to do. I tore up pieces of the packing paper and used Mod Podge to cover the canvas. Then I flattened out the toilet paper tubes and painted them different colors to coordinate with my bedroom decor. You could also paint the inside if you really wanted to, but I like the two-tone effect, plus the brown was already used in the room some. Let paint dry, then cut the tubes (I think I cut each one into five or six pieces). I played around with the placement of all the pieces until I had a design I liked. I filled a little dish with a layer of Mod Podge, dipped one side of a TP piece in, then pressed it onto the canvas, holding until it stuck well. I painted the outside edge of the canvas black, just to make it a little cleaner.

I can't take credit for the whole idea, I was inspired by this.

I love how it turned out. Now I just need to make some art for above the bed. I have some ideas, but suggestions are welcome!

P.S. - The bedroom isn't always this clean ;)


  1. What a fun and creative idea! I love getting ideas from Family Fun. Funny thing, I had just started to save toilet paper rolls this week and was wondering what I could use them for, I think I know now! Nice work :)

  2. I'm always painting directly over large sized thrift shop paintings/frames. They are usually really easy to find. Cheap and reusing old stuff all at the same time!



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