For the Kids in America (woahohoh!)

 Things have been busy around here. We are visiting family this weekend and, since I hate coming home after a trip to a dirty house, I've been cleaning like crazy the past couple days. I've only gotten a few treasures the past couple weeks, but I thought I'd share a little collection of kid-friendly findings.

I already posted about the awesome booster seat that Aliyah now has, but here are a few toys and things that I've come across in my DD "career":

- A Little Tykes wheelbarrow (donated)
- A small boys bike with training wheels (donated)
- Various children's chairs and stools  (I use to elevated potted plants on my porch)
- A Spongebob outdoor table and chair (used for a bit then donated)
- A Step 2 baby swing shaped like a dolphin (still up for grabs!)
- A Disney Princess playhut. Was missing the pastic poles but my neighbor was kind enough to rig it with some bamboo he had on hand. (definite keep)

There may be more that I can't think of right now. Alot of it was found before I started taking pictures for the blog. But I know of at least a two to get a smile out of my finds....

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