Suburban Jungle.

Dress - Thrifted
Belt - Thrifted
Shoes - You guessed it! Thrifted {NWT!}

Got a hair cut today. It looks crappy because of the humidity, but even so I'm pretty sure I don't like it.
Bad mood.


WW@WW {What I Wore at Wine in the Woods}

Hubby and I went to Wine in the Woods with some friends this past Saturday. It was hot and crowded, but the sangria was worth it. Plus, I got to wear an Anthropologie skirt that was hanging in my closet for far too long. {It has pockets!} Poor picture quality, sorry. Hubby needs to learn to use a camera hehe.

Tank - Swapped
Belt - Thrifted
Bag - JoTotes! {woot!}
Skirt - Anthropologie
Shoes - Thrifted
Hubby looked hunky as always.
Why don't guys have to even try to look good? They have it so easy lol!
Had fun with my friend Cassie, ain't she cute? Love the ink girl!

And, of course, we sampled the wine. My fave for two years running is the sangria from Elk Run Vineyards; it's made with their Sweet Katherine dessert wine. Boordy Vineyards is another fave, their Jazz Berry picnic wine is what I buy most often. Suffice it to say that I like sweet wines. I'd like to do a tour of either vineyard sometime, I would feel like such a grown up haha!

Do you have a fave wine? Please share! Better yet, bring over a bottle and we'll split on a warm summer evening :)


Now that it's pretty much summer break for us we've just been taking it easy. I could get used to this....
Went to the Thrift Store earlier this week and got some good finds. Wore some of them today:

Tank - Swapped
Cardi - Target
Belt - Thrifted
Skirt - Thrifted
Shoes - Thrifted
My garden is doing pretty well, the weather has been a good combination of rain and sun lately. A couple daylillies have bloomed and I have some fruit coming in on my tomato plants.

It was stifling hot today, but Sweetpea got to cool down with water fun at a friend's house.

Looking forward to a long laid back weekend with friends!


Friday Faves

Hubby has been home from work all week, so it has seemed like a never-ending weekend around here. Not bad, but just out of the norm. Here are some of my favorite things from this week, just 'cause.

I opt out of the american cheese, but believe me, the provolone and feta make this ooey gooey good! I tried it once on a whim a few months ago and now I'm hooked. I'm sure it's not much healthier than pizza, though...

L.A. Noire for Xbox

L.A. Noire

Hubby is a video game buff, and while some wives may find it annoying I actually get a kick out of watching him play RPGs. {That's Role Playing Games, in case you don't speak nerd hehe} L.A. Noire is what he's playing right now and it's basically like an interactive movie. If you have some game knowledge you can think of it as a mix of Grand Theft Auto and Heavy Rain.

Mio Water Enhancer

Bought this in hopes that it would help me drink more water, and to be honest I didn't like it at first. But it grew on me and now I'm definitely a fan. I've been drinking it when I'm craving something sweet and it does the trick for zero calories. I've only tried the fruit punch flavor so I'll keep you updated with the other options as I try them :)


I'm glad he was home all week! Love you!



Growing up recital day was a very special day of the year. I'm so glad that I get to share this joy with my daughter now, and it's even more special that I'm her teacher! I only got to take one picture today (I was VERY busy) but it is a good one!

My little star!


Keep Calm....

Alright, it is very late, and I'm beat from a long day of rehearsal. I found something really fun though and I wanted to share.

Have you seen those Keep Calm and Carry On signs around blogland? The original concept is from a British propaganda poster during WWII (kind of like the famous "Loose Lips Sink Ships") However it has been given every spin you can think of and is basically now a well-known parody. They have been wildly popular, and I'm a fan too!

Pretty colors!
Rug version (me likey)

This one is for Kari :)
This one is for Scarlett ;)
This one is for my husband hehe!
I came across a site where you can generate your own, and here is mine!

Come on, you knew that was coming ;)

Try out the KeepCalm-O-Matic!

Update: Made another!
Not perfect, meh. For Elisabeth and Kim :)



Just wanted to share a blogging find I came across...


These are MADE people! Who wants to have a shoe makeover party with me!?

I'm dead serious.


Happy Mother's Day!

The fam took me out for dinner at Macaroni Grill. Love me some carbs! Took some pics while we were waiting for a table. Of course, my little model obliged. She seems to grow and mature more each and every day, I can't believe I created such a wonderful little person!

So proud to be this little Diva's mama!
Also did a little photo shoot of hubs. I was super sneaky so he didn't even realize what I was doing! I love this guy so much. He loves to sing to me, and I never object :)

Sorry ladies, he's mine ;)
{We both got a kick of how much this resembles a Brady Bunch intro. He's even "looking" at himself in some pics lol}
We just had a lazy, hang out kind of day. Loved it!
Sweetpea loves playing with the webcam.

Hope all you mamas out there had a lovely day!


Happy Saturday!

We are truly enjoying spending out weekends outside. I'm so thankful that warm weather is here!


Winner Winner (not really) Chicken Dinner!

I apologize for the delay in posts lately, my dance classes have a recital coming up so I'm a tad stressed about all that jazz. Haha, dance humor.

The winner of some delicious vegetarian food from MorningStar Farms is:

Anne from Life More Abundant! Congrats Anne!

Thanks to everyone who read my Earth Week posts. Hopefully you enjoyed them and perhaps even learned something new that you and your family can do to help our planet.

I may be MIA until mid-month (when the recital is), but I will do my best to post!

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